Visibility and Control

The Altrac monitors and controls your wind machines.
Connect your wind machines to the Altrac app with our cellular device.
The Altrac device integrates with your propane, diesel, or electric wind machines.
View data and control equipment using your smartphone or computer.


Monitor your ranch as a frost night develops. Know before an issue occurs.
Engine Failure


Know immediately when a wind machine fails to start. Get alerts through text, phone, or email.


Control your autostart settings remotely from any location. Shutdown during high wind or fog.

Take Stock

Altrac calls or texts you when an event occurs. Monitor low temperatures, engine warnings, malfunctions, and more.
show text message alert
Altrac Control
change temperature
View engine warnings and alarms. Deploy labor precisely to wind machines with engine failure.
change temperature
Catch thieves in the act with battery disconnect alarms. Get alerts through text, phone, or email.
change temperature
Update start and stop temperatures as frost season progresses. Save fuel and time.