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How do you include all cellular fees in the cost of the device?
We have long term contracts with our cellular providers which grant us enough certainty to bundle data costs with the cost of the hardware.

Will you ever start charging service fees or subscription fees?
Altrac will never charge you a service fee for a product you’ve already purchased. However, we may charge a yearly fee for new tools we build on top of your existing sensors. For example, we could charge a yearly fee for access to disease modeling or growing degree day information based on your temperature data.

What networks does your device connect to?
Our cellular modem works with 2G/3G networks on AT&T and T-mobile.

What happens when 2G/3G service goes away?
Over the lifetime of the device there will be several network transitions, so we designed the modem to be easily replaceable. If 2G/3G service is removed in your area, we will send you a replacement modem.

What if I have poor cellular service in my area?
If you have enough service to send a text message, our device usually works fine. The usual mounting location is on a pole or the wind machine ladder which lifts the station above the foliage. If you still have trouble connecting, you need to purchase our high-gain directional antenna which connects to the COAX input on the bottom of the station. By pointing this antenna directly at a cellular tower you will be able to 10x the signal strength.   

What is the warranty of the hardware?
All Altrac hardware comes with a 1-year warranty from date of purchase. During the warranty period, Altrac with replace or repair, at no charge, any product or parts of product that prove defective due to improper materials or workmanship under normal use.

How do you support your hardware?
Ideally we work with your preferred wind machine or irrigation company to fully install and service your equipment. They know the ins and outs of the existing system and can quickly and safely upgrade the electronics. If you don’t know who can install your equipment let us know. We have many distributors that can install and service your equipment.

How do you support your software?
Altrac manages all our own frontend and backend software as well as firmware on all our equipment. Building the entire system ourselves allows us to maximize uptime and add new features quickly.

Am I able to send text or phone call alerts to multiple people?
Yes. We do not have a limit to the number of recipients or texts/calls you can setup.

Can I give someone access to my account but limit what they see or change?
We provide two levels of access. 'Viewer', a read only account, where the user can view all the data and set up alerts, but they cannot change any settings. And 'Manager' an account that can view all the data and change settings. We can also limit the devices a viewer or manager sees in their account.