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Pump Station

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The ST140 Pump Station allows you to remotely monitor and control VFD, relay, and SoftStart controllers on pumps. With the Altrac web app you can control your pump from anywhere with an internet connection.


The Pump Station monitors pump state, switch position, and line pressure. Most VFDs and SoftStarts can output a run signal when they are operating. If your controller does not allow for this, you can purchase a current sensor to monitor electrical power consumed by your pump (Part Number SN300). The Altrac Pump Station can only start the pump when the switch is in the AUTO position. The switch position is monitored to know when the pump is in the AUTO position and not OFF or MANUAL. Irrigation line pressure is measured with a pressure transducer mounted to your irrigation line.


The Altrac Flow Meter Station updates every 15 minutes while connected to a power source. During pump operation, the Station updates every 10 minutes. If a sensor value changes dramatically, the Station will update immediately.


ST140 Pump Station: $1689

Webapp Scheduling Package: $200

General Specifications
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F).

Outdoor Ready
All components are IP67 rated for maximum protection in harsh outdoor

Cellular Network
Altrac equipment uses 2G/3G networks on AT&T and T-Mobile. The Altrac
will automatically pick the strongest signal for its connection.

Pressure Transducer
0 to 100 psi range, Stainless steel sensing element, 1/4” male NPT
process connection

When Ordering, specify:
Controller Type: For controller specific instructions, please contact
Altrac. Be prepared to share make and model number as well as
pictures of your pump equipment.

Length of Wire: Measure the distance from your pump cabinet to the
mounting location of the Altrac Pump Station.


Link to Altrac's Time-of-Use Pump Scheduling Case Study