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Orchard Rite Ford V-10 Engine Wiring Harness (WH112)


This engine wiring harness is designed for an Orchard Rite wind machine with a Ford V-10 engine and Orchard Rite autostart.
Installation takes approximately 30 minutes and requires a phillips-head and flathead screwdriver. We provide instructions for self-installation or have several distributors that can install the Wind Machine Station on your equipment. Visit our distributor page or contact Altrac to help select a partner.
Accessory Port
In addition to controlling the wind machine, the engine wiring harness has an accessory port that accepts either a propane (LPG) or diesel level sensor. This port also accommodates other sensors such as soil moisture, wind speed, or leaf wetness sensors.
Automotive Grade Components
Altrac uses automotive grade DEUTSCH style environmentally-sealed connectors designed for all wiring harness cable-to-cable applications. These connectors are designed for harsh environments where dust, dirt, moisture, and vibration can damage electrical connections.  Altrac uses DoD-grade solid barrel machined terminals on crimped pin connections to withstand engine and tower vibration stress. All wiring is protected by high temperature nylon loom and/or UV resistant. PCBs are designed with automotive grade components to harden electronics against vibration and heat. Assembled and tested in the USA in California.  
All Altrac hardware comes with a 1-year warranty from date of purchase. During the warranty period, Altrac with replace or repair, at no charge, any product or parts of product that prove defective due to improper materials or workmanship under normal use.