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Wind Machine Station (ST100)


Control station for wind machine with mounting hardware and temperature probe. Works with any wind machine engine harness. Includes a 2G/3G cellular modem. For purchases in the USA we recommend the LTE/5G model.
Monitor equipment from multiple ranches
View real time data from individual machines
Remotely start / stop multiple machines
Change temperature start/stop temperature
Send alerts via text, email, or phone call


The system installs on your existing equipment in about 30 minutes, typically mounted on the tower ladder for improved reception.  The ST-100 works with all wind machine manufacturers, and supports diesel, propane, and electric engines. An AutoStart controller is required.
The ST-100 uses industry standard practices to control AutoStarts of all makes and models including Murphy Prolite, Cascade, MPC-20, PV-101, and versions produced by Orchard Rite. The ST-100 maintains all engine protection features of the factory installed AutoStart controllers including warm up, cool down, and engine warnings such as high oil temperature.
The Altrac ST-100 ships with an advanced 50’ digital temperature probe, and turns each wind machine into a high tech weather station for frost protection.  We record and store temperature readings over multiple years enabling you to identify cold spots and understand orchard frost characteristics.