Semios Frost Management Integration

Be prepared for damaging frost events by combining the power of Semios’ real-time, per-acre climate monitoring tools with Altrac’s remote wind machine control.

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Map showing per-acre, in-canopy temperature readings and a graph showing wind machine activity over time

Semios Integration

Monitor and Manage frost from one Platform 

Be prepared for frost

Get 7-day forecasts and real-time updates on frost inversion strength, wet-bulb temperature, and dew point.

Identify areas of risk

Pinpoint cold spots using per-acre temperature heatmaps and know which blocks to prioritize during a frost event with automated alerts.

Check if your frost protection is working

Measure the impact of your wind machine activity with per-acre temperature readings that are updated every 10 minutes.

Install & Maintenance included

HASSLE-FREE Technology 

Expert install handled by Semios

Semios’ professional Field Services team installs the system so you don’t need to worry about getting the tech to work.

Continuous monitoring and maintenance

Semios remotely monitors system performance and handles on-site maintenance for you.

Ongoing training and support

Get the training and support you need to get the most from your frost management tools.

Members of the Semios Field Services Team standing in an orchard



Per-acre Frost Data

View per-acre temperature heatmaps to identify areas of risk and to monitor your wind machines’ impact.

Real-time Monitoring

Get temperature readings that are updated every 10 minutes.

Be Prepared for Frost Events

Get 7-day forecasts of frost inversion, wet-bulb temperature, and dew-point temperature.

Empower Your Team to Act Fast

Be notified by SMS or email when your crops are at risk of frost damage and know which blocks to prioritize first.

Cut Down Costs

Save on labor with the Semios’ professional Field Services team handling all installations and maintenance.

All From One Login

Manage your wind machine automation and monitor your per-acre frost conditions all from one dashboard on the Semios platform.

Trusted by Growers

“There’s a saying that information is power. In five minutes I can see what’s going on at every acre and then direct people in the field. Semios helps me be more efficient and keep a closer tab on challenges like frost.”

Julie Bosma, Grower at Bosma Ag Enterprises


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