Soil Moisture

Use Altrac to monitor your soil moisture levels and irrigation line pressure in realtime to reduce electricity and water consumption. 


How it Works

Our soil moisture station measures water content every 10 minutes around the clock. Altrac will alert you when you are over-watering and under-watering your crops so you can save time and money.   



Altrac devices work with Sentek and EnviroPro soil moisture probes, both industry standards when measuring soil moisture content.  View probe data in the Altrac app, to understand if you’re watering too much or too little.


How Our Soil Moisture Hubs Stack Up

No Monthly Fees. Ever.

5 years of 2G/3G or LTE cell data, software maintenance, and data storage costs included.

Manage from Anywhere

Get alerts and view data in realtime using your smartphone or computer.

Save Cellular Data

Piggyback on existing Altrac cellular stations to reduce cost & maintenance.

We'll Keep Your Data

Altrac saves two years of moisture probe data in our cloud.

Add On With Ease

Support for additional environmental sensors, such as leaf moisture & pyranometer.

Impervious to Weather

IP67 enclosure and cable glands make device impervious to weather.

Save Money On Water & Electricity


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