Weather Stations

Use the Vantage Pro to accurately monitor and control your weather equipment from your smart device or computer.


How it Works

Weather Station Data

Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction, UV, and Precipitation. 

Set Notifications and Alerts

Set your alerts to notify you when a sensor value is reached. 


How Our Weather Stations Stack Up

Data Analysis

View weather data & equipment status from a single app.

Emergency Shut Off

Know when to stop wind machines for high winds, or pumps during heavy rain

Accurate Measurement

Add a temp probe for more accurate inversion layer measurement

Text Alerts

Configure text alerts based on weather conditions

Cloud Data Storage

Store years of historical climate data in the cloud

Easy To Install

We make installation easy and provide
dedicate support

Create a network

Use Altrac to monitor and control your wind machines, pump, valves, and more. 


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