Weather Stations

Use the Vantage Pro to accurately monitor and control your weather equipment from your smart device or computer.


How it Works

Monitor & Control

Control two valves, monitor two pressure sensors, and monitor a soil moisture sensor. Can come pre-wired.

Set Notifications and Alerts

Set your notifications and alerts so you can identify problems as they come up. 


How Our Weather Stations Stack Up

No Monthly Fees. Ever.

5 years of 2G/3G or LTE cell data, software maintenance, and data storage costs included.

Manage from Anywhere

Monitor valve operation and see the status of your weather station through the application.

Automatic Scheduling

Schedule run times to automatically start and stop valve operation.

Solar Powered

Not only is the weather station powered by the sun during the day, but it comes with a backup lithium battery.

Simple Installation

Works with existing wiring, or it can come pre-wired; easy setup and installation on site.

Top Customer Service

Reach out anytime with your questions about our products, installation, or anything else.

Create a network

Add additional sensors to create a network to track temperature, humidity, and soil moisture anywhere. Customize your network and monitor scheduling in the Altrac App.


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