Wind Machine Automation

Learn how you can use the ST100 to monitor and remotely control your wind machines from your computer or smartphone. Enter your information below and save time and money with Altrac Wind Machine Automation!


How it Works

Simply install the ST100 on any Wind Machine Model. Then use the Altrac App to remotely monitor and control your Wind Machines!


How Our Wind Machine Automation Stacks Up

No Monthly Fees. Ever.

5 years of 2G/3G or LTE cell data, software maintenance, and data storage costs included.

Manage from Anywhere

Get alerts, view data, and control equipment using your smartphone or computer.

Damage Protection

Instantly recognizes issues and targets them before they damage your crop.

Avoid Frost

Monitor air temperatures, avoid frost damage when an autostart fails by getting alerts and reducing exposure time.

Cut Down Costs

Save on fuel costs by stopping the operation of machines remotely at sunrise.

Easy to Use

Reduce labor costs by easily managing more machines per person.

Run Reports Easily

Daily reports make it easy to debrief your team about equipment performance. Monthly and yearly reports help maintenance planning. Data can be downloaded to Excel for further analysis.


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