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Altrac Recommended Alerts to Set Before Frost Season

Low Battery

Alert sent when battery voltage falls below a preset threshold. The alert is preset for 11.8V, below which the wind machine might fail to start during a frost night.

Engine Start

Alert sent when wind machine turns on. We recommend you set up this alert for your wind machines in the coldest locations.

Low Temperature

Alert sent when temperature falls below a preset threshold. We recommend you set up this alert for your wind machines in the coldest locations.

Battery Disconnect

This alert is useful for theft protection. During frost your lead acid batteries are vulnerable to theft, and this alert will notify you when the battery has been disconnected.

What People Are Saying

Let Altrac Protect Your Crops This Frost Season

Fuel Savings

  • Turn equipment off at sunrise. Save 12% on fuel costs.
  • Remotely adjust start/stop temperatures as fruit ripens.

Peace of Mind

  • Instantly check equipment status from your phone

Labor Savings

  • Reduce frost surveillance labor 40%
  • Go directly to machines that need servicing instead of looking for problems

Improved Frost Damage Protection

  • Text alerts when frost occurs or when equipment fails to start.
  • 2-hour head start to identify engine problems.


  • Turn equipment off & on from a safe distance
  • Minimize accidents caused by a sleep-deprived crew

Improved Maintenance

  • Turn all equipment off in high winds
  • Run reports help prioritize service on active machines
  • Identify battery, solar panel empty fuel tank issues before failure occurs.

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